Pure Mini Bars!!


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Our mini-bars are all about creativity and inspiration! They are a blank canvas and ready for your ideas! They have been used as decadent pillow chocolates at wonderful resorts. They have also been
used as wedding favours. For both of these occasions, they are made custom with your logo design or bride and groom names and date to suit your needs! These mini-bars have also been used and are
perfect for taster bars at wine or tea tasting events! We are excited to see what other ideas people have for these great taster bars!

Manipura, solar plexus chakra. Do what your soul longs-for.

The solar plexus chakra represent self empowerment, being our authentic selves, and having the will to do.

Includes custom labels!

Ingredients: cacao powder*, cacao butter*, agave nectar*, organic coconut palm sugar, vanilla bean powder,* Himalayan salt. *Raw, organic, ethical and vegan.
Each bars contains 10g of fine raw dark chocolate.

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Weight 60 g


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