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Why chocolate?  I get asked this question all the time.  Other than the OBVIOUS link between chocolate and AWESOMENESS, there are several reasons why and stories about how I came to be owning a chocolate company.

It all started many many years ago when I was at University, looking for that ‘thing’.  That elusive ‘career’ that I could decide on (decisions were NEVER my strong suit!) and that ‘one’ thing that I could do day in and day out for the rest of my life……  This suggestion (to a Gemini)  was terrifying and sounded incredibly BORING!  But here I was at University, with my parents paying through the nose every moment that I spent there and the pressure was ON (not from them, from me).  Oh yeah, and did I mention the perfectionism?  Not only was there the pressure to find that ONE thing and do it FOREVER, there was my self-inflicted pressure that I must do it PERFECTLY!  AAHHHHH!   So after a year of General Studies (I won’t elaborate on what that meant…use your imagination), I was having the FOREVER WORK conversation with a friend’s boyfriend.  He told me that his father had told him this and I have never forgotten it, “Find something that you LOVE to do… and find someone to pay you to do it!’.  Loving this advice, I decided to transfer to another University and enroll in Child and Youth Care, get my undergrad degree in that, and end up being a social worker just like my mother was.  Despite my mother’s suggestions throughout her career that what she did was really stressful, I decided this would be the ‘safe’ path for me.  I would have a great government job and could get on with getting married and having my kids and my white picket fence…..

The only problem with this wonderful grand scheme of mine was that I HATED that job (and I HATE to use the ‘h’ word, ask my kids, but that is the only word that describes it)!   I always remembered what that guy said to me about loving your job, but something in me just didn’t believe it was possible.  So, after years of ‘safety’, my stress level was through the roof, my body was sick and I finally got the guts to QUIT that job!  and become a yoga teacher…. and go to India….

I spent 2 years loving teaching yoga and loving doing photography professionally, but loving these things more when I didn’t have to get paid to do them and surprise, surprise…..not making much money doing them.  Then I had another baby and it was time for me to go back to work…. and I felt like I was right back in University except Mom and Dad weren’t paying the bills anymore.  It is a whole different animal to be 37 and wondering ‘what am I going to be when I grow up?’ than to be 18.

This is the very long way of telling you that then, not for the purpose of paying the bills or creating my dream career, but simply because I absolutely LOVEd LOVEd it, I started to make Raw Chocolate.  I experimented and failed and experimented some more and failed and gave out lots of xmas presents and loved every minute of it!  Then, that perfectionism kicked in again and I was unable to do something just ‘ok’, so I took a workshop in an attempt to ‘perfect’ the art of raw chocolate making.  Then, once I knew what I hadn’t known, I failed some more and ate and gave away more chocolate (this is not an easy task to master, there are so many variables!).

Then, I perfected it and made it my own.  People began to get enjoy it and salivate over it.  Then, it got so good that I thought maybe I could make money selling it.  So I marched into my graphic designer’s office (the sunroom on the back of my house because it is my guy, yay!) and we created the concept and the plan.  We printed those first few hundred boxes locally and we hand cut them (never again)!

Once I started to get orders for bars AND I was still enjoying making the chocolate (this was the big test for me to not lose interest when a hobby became a job), I was open to the possibility that maybe this was going somewhere for me.  There was just one problem….

Alongside my yoga training during those years, I had done a lot of ‘energy healing’ training.  This was something very close to my heart.  It was enormously important to me to help people with their physical, emotional, and spiritual pains.  This was something I was able to do through private yoga/healing sessions.  The universe hadn’t brought me many clients for this, though, so the money wasn’t flowing.  As the money was starting to flow more from the chocolate, I followed the energy there.  I wanted to somehow bring the world of healing bodies, minds and souls into the world of chocolate.

Now, as you may know, cacao is a beautiful healing substance on its own.  It was used by the ancient peoples of South and Central America and Mexico as medicine.  In its Raw form, cacao has incredible healing properties beyond what they used it for even then.  Chocolate was also ‘Food of the Gods’ and used in spiritual ceremonies.  I believe now that this is why I was drawn to this particular food, but how was I going to infuse chocolate with even more healing?

On a walk one day, I was inspired to make 7 flavours corresponding to the 7 main chakras in the body.  Chakras are energy centres in the body that correlate to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  After this flash of inspiration, I came home and decided what flavour would go with which chakra.  Once the boxes were made, each a colour in the rainbow, I decided to add even more healing to the bars.  I wanted to put love and healing into every morsel.  I had trained as a healer and had studied Dr. Emoto’s work about the effect of positive and negative words put on or around water.  I knew that if I put positive, love, healing energy into the chocolate, that people would then absorb that into their bodies.

Now, as a part of our chocolate process, we put a healing blessing into each batch of chocolate at the exact moment for the blessing to be crystallized into the chocolate.  By infusing our chocolate with love-filled blessings, we are able to spread love around the world one piece of chocolate at a time!

People testing our chocolate for the first time report that there is another layer to our chocolate that they haven’t experienced in other brands.  Some say this is the Energy, I say it’s the LOVE, and my business partner says it’s the MAGIC!

Now, this is a job that I LOVE!!


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